Court and arbitration lawsuits

Representation before all district courts and courts of appeal in the country, Sofia Regional Court, Sofia City Court, Sofia Court of Appeal, Supreme Court of Cassation, Supreme Administrative Court, before the Court of Arbitration with the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as other arbitration courts; representation of financial institutions and individual clients on court warrant and enforcement proceedings;


Advice on the legal implications of insolvency, claim of receivables, representation in all stages of the insolvency procedure;

Commercial law

Drafting agreements and advice related thereto, legal aid in negotiations and conclusion of transactions;

Commercial law

Advice on company legal form, incorporation and registration of legal entities and partnerships under the Obligations and Contracts Act, drawing up memoranda of incorporation and articles of association, representation before the courts on company cases and legal claims, company transformation, provision of legal advice for and drafting of documentation for the implementation of acquisitions, mergers, spin-offs, splits and any other type of company transformation.

Property law and real estate transactions

Provision of legal advice with respect to the legal status of real estates of various kinds and sizes, assistance in making changes in the legal status of real estates and aid in obtaining various kinds of permissions for construction; drawing up title deeds.

Legal regulations of the construction business

Advice on and drafting construction contracts, representation before the developer and/or in the execution of the construction contracts, assistance and representation before relevant administrative bodies on matters related to the execution of construction, representation at court and arbitration lawsuits filed with respect to construction contracts. 

Administrative law

Advice and assistance in the procedure of issuance of various administrative acts, including licenses and permissions, contestation of administrative acts before the administrative bodies and administrative courts including the Commission for Protection of Competition and the Supreme Administrative Court.

Public procurement

Counselling on awarding of public procurement; assistance in drafting documentation for participation in a public procurement, representation in contesting the awarding of public procurements before the Commission for Protection of Competition and the Supreme Administrative Court.

Tax law

Counselling on different types of taxes and tax planning, representation before the tax authorities, contestation of acts issued by the tax authorities before the administrative bodiesor court.

Labour law

Drafting employment contracts and management contracts as well as providing advice with respect to termination thereof; advice on social and health insurance matters, representation in labour lawsuits.

Foreign investment

Advice on the application of rules and regulations on implementation and protection of foreign investments, counselling and assistance in the course of the investment process, representation before the relevant government bodies.

Insurance law

Advice on the conclusion of various types of insurance contracts, representation of natural and legal entities before the insurance companies with regard to payment of damages;  representation in civil lawsuits filed in relation to insurance contracts.

Securities and stock exchange law

Advice on transactions with materialized and dematerialized securities, representation before the Arbitration Court with the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.